Many people have asked me why branding is important. In a previous post, I said branding was a means of simplifying communication. Coca-cola is distinguished from other colas by its unique taste. Rather than describing for a waiter what kind of cola you want with your meal, you ask for a Coke. This is a brand.

Brands are important because they eliminate confusion. A brand is also the promise of quality, whether in product satisfaction or the experience enjoyed. The vast elements of a brand make it difficult to imitate, allowing us to trust messages delivered through the brand’s channel.

The process of branding forces you to prove your brand. It forces quality controls in production and a certain level of consistency in advertising. Branding is important because it turns a commodity into a unique, recognizable product. Furthermore, it enables the growth of a relationship between the company represented by the brand and its customer.

If I were to tell you that your company could no longer brand its products, how much would it affect your business?