Last summer, I took part in the first Boundless Summer Challenge. We had a new task to complete every day; the tasks ranged from the easy (meditating on a thought or idea) to the very challenging (talk to a friend and ask how you can be a better friend). I had a blast and, though I didn't win the iPad prize at the end of the challenge, I think I learned a lot.

This year, the Summer Challenge is again kicking off in July. Once again, we'll be given a task roughly each day, but focused specifically on relationships. This weekend's challenge requires us to write a Facebook note tagging the challenge page itself as well as any friends who might be interested.

I'll be keeping track of my progress through the challenge both here (on Grounded Christianity) and with regular updates to a note on Facebook. Feel free to check in either place, leave comments, or join the challenge yourself if you feel up to playing along.