Today’s primary goal is to help you grow in healthy, active church involvement. So:

1) If you are not yet plugged into a church, choose a church to attend over the upcoming weekend, and plan to go.

2) If you are already a member of a church or attend one church consistently, choose one other church event in the near future (Bible study, serving event, church picnic, etc.) to attend. If you brought home a bulletin or calendar from the previous weekend, it may come in handy! Otherwise, call your church or visit their website, and find out what is going on.

Either way, once you choose an event, commit to attend, whether that involves registering online, calling the church or responding to a Facebook event page. This accountability will help you follow through.

Finally, share your thoughts and experiences in your Facebook Note.

I've actually become very active and involved with my church over the past couple of years.  I am a member of the stewardship team (the financial ministry of the church), the worship team (I do all the media for Sunday morning worship and the sermon), and I actually built the church website (  Beyond that, I also talked our church in to producing a podcast of our weekly sermons -

I'm also attending two weekly Bible study groups - one with my church and one hosted by a friend of mine who goes to a church across town.  It's nice to connect with members of another congregation from time to time; we can compare notes on sermon series and help build one another up.

This past weekend my church teamed up to perform yard work for a member of the community.  It's part of an ongoing "Acts of Service" effort we've been working on to get congregation members out and active with our local community.

I think it's safe to say I'm fairly active with and connected to my church.  I invite non-church friends to events, I sponsor events, I prepare advertising, and I volunteer within the church to keep things running.  It can be a bit draining at times (a friend once remarked that I spent more time volunteering with the church than I did working at my job ... untrue, but that was his perception), but it's rewarding too.