We are dedicating this last week to one kind of relationship in particular: your spouse or your future spouse. As the majority of Christians are called to marriage, and as your marriage partner is to be the most important human in your life, we think it’s worth spending a whole week on.

But before we launch into a romantic relationship present or future, we’d like to take some time to deal with the past. Many of us are walking around with pain or baggage from past relationships. Some of us find broken family relationships influencing our views of marriage. Perhaps there is something else weighing on you in this area. We’d like to take today to “clear the decks” and deal with that baggage if the timing is right.

What you do today is flexible, because only you know what kind of burdens you are carrying, but we do ask that you address it in some way.

I've only had one significant dating relationship.  We dated steadily for just over 4 years, and I thought things were moving towards marriage.  But, obviously, things didn't turn out in the end.  After graduate school, she moved across the country for work.  I wanted to follow, but not having a job of my own would have placed a huge burden on our relationship and I wasn't willing to start things off that way.

As a result, I've been single now for several years, and though I continue to date, I haven't found quite the right fit with anyone yet.

Part of this, honestly, is due to still-lingering feelings, frustrations, and worries from that one relationship.  I know there were several ways in which I fell short ... but not knowing specifically what they are makes me a little hesitant when meeting new people.  Do I come across too strong?  Am I not communicative enough?  Am I too selfish?  Too timid?

I'm sure there is a lot I'm holding on to from that season of my life, and I'm just as sure it's been holding me back though I try to move forward.  So as painful as the process might be, I am earnestly praying today that God will uncover anything I've buried so I can face it, accept it, and begin to heal so I can continue with my life.