There is nothing more in life that I value than freedom.

I have the freedom to make my own choices. I have the freedom to shape my own opinions and beliefs. I have the freedom to voice those opinions to others. I value these freedoms, and often find myself taking them for granted.

One of these freedoms most at risk for being taken for granted is the freedom to be wrong.

Freedom to Choose

I will never force my beliefs on anyone.

I follow Christ by choice. I choose to believe certain things about Jesus, the universe, and the way we're all meant to live our lives. I choose to live my life according to a certain set of values in the hopes that I will stand out as an example to others and, by that example, encourage open discussion of the God for whom I live.

But I will never legislate those values or otherwise force someone who doesn't believe as I do to follow my moral code. I live my life in a certain way because I have the freedom to do so - the fact that it's my choice is of utmost importance.

You have the freedom to ask me questions. You have the freedom to disagree with me and think my viewpoints are wrong. You have the freedom to live in a way contrary to how I believe we're created and meant to.

I will defend your freedom with every fiber of my being.

If I don't stand for your freedom to disagree with me, then my disagreeing with you is pointless and we're both damned.

Freedom to Think

My entire life I've had trouble taking much on faith. For me, accepting anything without a full explanation is a choice, and I try to make it an informed one.

I challenge and question my faith daily. I read daily and surround myself with intelligent people with whom I disagree so they can further challenge me - and hopefully so I can challenge them as well.

I don't believe my faith is rooted in untruth or wrong thinking - otherwise I wouldn't believe it - but I do acknowledge that I could ultimately be wrong. I do, however, choose to believe what I believe and exercise my freedom to meditate on these beliefs to help strengthen and explain them.

I've come from a place of unbelief before and even if my faith today is misplaced, I know my head is in a much better space. Again, you're free to disagree with me, and I welcome your arguments.