If you neglect your marketing, your product will suffer.  Likewise, if you neglect your own well-being, your marketing will suffer.  Everyone needs a break, so even if you're a workaholic you need to take a vacation from time to time.  Here are ten simple rules to follow while on vacation to make the most of your time off.

  1. Don't think about work
    This is your time, and you're not necessarily being paid for it.  Don't do anything work related until you clock in again later.
  2. Don't Tweet
    If you're on Twitter, turn your updates off during your break.  Otherwise you'll be tempted to pick things back up before you get back to the office.
  3. Don't pay for Internet in the hotel
    Otherwise you'll find yourself checking email, touching base with colleagues, and ... working.
  4. Don't use the free Internet in the hotel
    Even if access is free, avoid connecting.  If you absolutely have to do it, make sure you drive far out of your way to find access - 20 miles should do it.  On vacation, home is where the peace is.  Don't let the outside world interfere and keep your real-world Internet as far away as possible.
  5. Don't answer your coworkers' phone calls
    I know, it sounds a bit insensitive, but let's be realistic.  The world will continue to spin without you for a day or two.  If it's really important, they'll leave a voicemail.  It's OK to check the voicemail so long as you follow rule number 6:
  6. Don't return work calls until you're back in the office on Monday
    You will never run into a problem so serious that it demands your immediate attention.  Your coworkers are perfectly capable of handling things in your absence (if they aren't, you probably aren't working in the right place ...)
  7. Do get a sunburn
    If you manage to get a sunburn, it means you're spending time outside doing nothing.  Good for you!
  8. Do go to a party
    Even if it's just a night out at a club, it's healthy to break out of your rut once in a while and enjoy yourself.  Treat yourself to a cocktail while you're at it.
  9. Do wear shorts
    Whatever your typical dress code is at work, break it while you're on vacation.  The more distance between you and your regular work environment, the better.
  10. Relax, refresh, and cut loose
    You're on vacation.  You can do whatever you want whenever you want.  Just make sure it helps you feel like a stronger, more energetic person.