My team is amazing.

We do wonderful work from remote enviornments. We work odd hours and conduct complex conversations asynchronously using email, HipChat, and BaseCamp.

We occasionally come together in one place to educate and learn from one another. Our first such meetup was April of last year, and it was incredible!

Team Summit v2

Late yesterday, we closed our second learning/development summit with no less fanfare. Our team again[ref]Well, not really "again." Last time there were 20 of us. This time we're up to over 60![/ref] gathered together for a time of project reflection, team-building, and collaborative education. The amount one can learn in such a short time js staggering!

This year, though, we added a hackathon to our official schedule of events. If you thought our team was amazing before ... wow!

In one day, we built (from scratch) two brand new WordPress plugins, polished loads of internal tools and documentation, and kicked off the launch of the new

Our team works remarkably well remotely. Given a day to collaborate face-to-face they're even better.

But like any marathon (read: long-term effort), you can't sprint the entire time. Our team hackathon was productive, yet exhausting. I look forward to a weekend of relaxation before we all hit Monday refreshed, revitalized, and refocused as a team.

There's no stopping us now...