... I was in Washington D.C. enjoying my time at php[world]. I've mentioned before that this is my absolute favorite tech conference. The talks are stellar. The hallway track is outstanding. Everything about the event - from the content to the locale - is bound to inspire.

One year ago today I sat in the National Mall. I reflected on the inspiring monuments. The excited crowds of tourists from around the world. Most of all, on a road to the future that looked promising even if paved with discord and partisan frustration.

Today, I sit at home looking back on Google-recommended "memories" of this last big trip to the Capital. The next to last of the large events I attended before lockdown.[ref]The last conf I attended was SunshinePHP this past February. Also inspiring content, but not quite the same in terms of location.[/ref] I've been mulling over everything we've lost in the past year and it's beyond depressing.

My friends have lost jobs. I've lost friends. We've lost our means to gather and support one another. Many of us have lost the outlets on which we relied absolutely for creative expression and inspiration.

Still, we carry on in the hope that the dawn of tomorrow will bring not only the promise of a new day, but the hope of change and a future to come. I long for the day when we can gather again and inspire one another with the work we're all doing.

Until then, stay safe. Stay in touch. Keep moving forward.