My original plan was to be home from my trip to Brazil last night. Unfortunately, the best laid plans oft go awry, so as you read this I'm still traveling home from Fortaleza.

On the positive side of things, though, the longer than expected trip yielded some amazing things.

First, I got to visit Costa Rica briefly. It's a completely different environment than Brazil, and seeing both in one trip was eye-opening.

Second, I had the chance to better connect with another developer in the JS community. I've followed Tim Caswell's work with JS-Git for a while, but being able to pick his brain about the topic for a day and a half was far superior than just following code development.

Third, I got to meet some truly amazing people. From the breakfast bar to the airport to the shuttle busses to the hotel bar for drinks, good times were to be had by all. We talked about travel, software, education, comparative religion, international real estate.

I honestly feel I did more talking and networking while stuck in remote airports and hotels than I've ever done at a conference.

My trip to Brazil has been amazing. Hopefully, it's coming to and end later today; but hopefully it won't be my last to this amazing country. I've met some wonderful people, through situations both cheerful and otherwise. I wish them all the best, and hope we will one day meet again!