The Value of Fiction

There's inherent value in stories that are entirely made up. Part of the magic is that they can be subtle wrappers around tricky issues - it's easier to discuss a sensitive topic when done within the context of an alien...

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Software Vulnerabilities, Disclosure, and Marketing

Consumers have a certain amount of upgrade fatigue. It's not uncommon for end users to ignore an update notification for months to avoid the frustration that comes with trying to fix something that worked before the update.

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Deterministic Random Numbers in PHP

Testing code that leverages random numbers can be tricky. It's useful to have a way to subvert the random number generator during tests to yield a deterministic state.

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Mocking Time in Unit Tests

Some operations in PHP introduce uncertainty around your code's behavior. In those situations, it's helpful to insert helper functions that make your code more reliable and easier to test.

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Twitter in Decline

Twitter was groundbreaking. But now the ground that Twitter stands upon can use some breaking of its own.

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Strict Typing

Do you use type information in your PHP code? What drove you to make the change (or what is preventing you from taking the jump)?

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