Dear Washington County Dems,

I write to inform you of my resignation as a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) for Precinct 428, effective immediately.

Being elected to represent my precinct in 2016 was exciting. I was given opportunity to better connect with my neighbors and coordinate on policy recommendations with other Democrats in the county. Everyone was respectful, polite, and organized. I was incredibly dismayed when this proved to be a facade that quickly faded over the next several months.

Committee meetings quickly devolved to infighting. My formerly respectful peers were reduced to literally screaming at one another. The party of which I’ve been a member for over 16 years did not turn out to be the example of civility it’s claimed to be.

Our meetings purport to follow Robert’s Rules of Order but frequently depart from the rules and drag on as no one knows what to expect. Meetings are frequently filled with moral grandstanding and debates that turn into classist and ageist arguments rather than respectful discussions.

I will not continue sacrificing my time in service of a party that cannot respect one another.

On a national level, the party has also proven to be in decline. Democratic politicians speak with a level of arrogance and always presume the moral high ground. Even after being proven in the minority, they refuse to cooperate across party lines. An election that switches the alignment of the majority is a sign of constituent disappointment, not a call to resist.

While I will still vote for and donate to Democrats, it will be on the merits of their character; not their party affiliation. I cannot remain with a clear conscience as a member of this party.

This letter will be copied to the Washington County Clerk in accordance with ORS 248.024.

Eric Mann