Last year, I had the opportunity to present at jQuery Portland about unit testing.  It was my first non-WordPress speaking event, and it was incredible!

The topic, unit testing, is also one for which I hold a special esteem.  In the JavaScript world, though, unit testing is even a rarer practice to find than in the PHP world.  I feel talks like this need to be given often and repeatedly.

If you weren't at jQuery Portland, you can still catch my talk below.

I actually used one of my older WordPress plugins for the code demonstration and, while writing the unit tests for the presentation, actually found and fixed three different bugs in the codebase!  For those of you still on the fence about testing, this should be argument enough to at least give it a try.

For those who want to take a closer look at the slides from the talk, they too are available thanks to seoslides:

[seoslides embed_id="bd2d7c7221a9" script_src="" overview_src="" site_src="" site_title="Eric A Mann" title="Unit Testing: Minutes Now Will Save Hours Later" /]

This coming weekend, actually, I will have the opportunity to give another talk on unit testing.  This time it's at WordCamp Phoenix and will deal exclusively with the WordPress core unit test suite.  If you'll be in town, I hope you'll stop by!  Otherwise you can expect a detailed followup after the event.